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50% OFF Sale This Saturday at Dickinson Days in Manotick

coKANna 50% OFF SALE This Saturday at Dickinson Days in Manotick
I have been busy this week. It started off with a trip to Toronto to visit the textile mill that will be knitting the bamboo fabric for my new fall line. Roopa Knitting Mills just moved into their new facility in Mississauga and we got a tour of their production floor. It is bright, spacious, and full of knitting machines, huge skeins of thread, and rolls upon rolls of fabric. They can now house all of their raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods under one roof.
Knitting Machine at Roopa Knitting Mills
Each knitting machine has its own room to avoid contamination of threads from one type of fabric floating in the air and being knit into another type of fabric. 
Bamboo Knitting Machine at Roopa Knitting Mills
This is the knitting machine that will knit my bamboo fabric.
Next up I spent a full day with Canadian Service Apparel, the design development and manufacturing team I am working with in Oshawa. We finalized the 3 new designs I will produce for the fall, worked on technical drawings and different finishes, selected colours, and scheduled sample production, fittings, re-sampling, and finally production.
Now I am back in Ottawa preparing for the 50% off blowout sale at Dickinson Days, in Manotick, this Saturday, June 2nd, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Please come out to Manotick. There will be lots to see and do - Pancake Breakfast, Horse Drawn Wagon Rides, Family Variety Show, Barbecue, and much more. 
And, of course, don't forget the Village Craft Fair. Drop by our coKANna booth and say hello. We would love to chat with you and help you find the perfect soft and comfortable bamboo Canadian-made coKANna piece at 50% off.
See you there!
Colleen Kanna is a breast cancer champion and creator of coKANna Designs, a line of stylish bamboo Canadian-made clothing for women over 40. Five percent of sales are donated to the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre in support of their Head Start Program for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

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  • Marilyn Cook

    I’ll be there, excited to participate and help out as well as checking other vendors and events.

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