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Angel on Earth

Theresa Flaherty has an upbeat personality, a quirky sense of humour, and an absolute love of animals. She is also the first person to jump in and lend a helping hand or to simply hold your hand. She has great brothers, a fabulous husband, an active 11 year old daughter, two cats, and a sheltie dog. As a family, they run and race walk, and participate in many organized races.

Colleen and Theresa met at an Adoption Playgroup that gathered together once a week for kid play and parent chat. They soon realized both their daughters had more energy than all the other kids combined and bonded over their shared experiences. As the girls’ friendship grew, so did theirs, with many life changing events thrown in.

After leaving corporate life years ago, Theresa’s interests have taken her to the esoteric. She has studied many alternative healing modalities which has expanded her knowledge in so many areas of health. At the present time, Theresa works for Pure Lab Vitamins Inc., a local Ottawa supplement company. Some of their products are featured at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre.

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