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Anyone Else Addicted to Podcasts?

Women wearing headphones by Matthew Henry

Lately, I have become addicted to listening to podcasts. Podcasts have gradually crept into my daily routine over the last year or so. I listen to them in the car as I drive. They have become my new radio station. I especially enjoy them on longer road trips when I’m by myself. Or even when my daughter is in the car. She’ll have her ‘beats’ on listening to her own music while I’m playing a podcast over the car speakers. I also tune in while I’m walking the dog. I find it entertaining and relaxing while Oliver is dawdling along smelling everything he comes across. He is a terrier after all. I sometimes plug in the earphones while I’m doing household chores, which makes the time pass quickly when doing dishes or laundry. And occasionally, I even indulge in bedtime listening instead of reading.

So what do I listen to, you may be wondering? Well, a variety of things. I have my favourite entrepreneur/business shows. The first one is the Fizzle Show. I believe I learnt about this one from a blog post I came across on Facebook about two years ago. It is the brainchild of Chase Reeves and Corbett Barr. Chase is totally off the wall and a little crazy at times but very heartfelt and entertaining. Corbett is the more serious, feet firmly planted on the ground, co-founder who tries to keep Chase in line. Steph Crowder brings a female perspective to the podcast which I love. Here’s how they describe their show:

The Fizzle Show

“The Fizzle Show is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs and honest business builders who want to earn a living doing something they care about.”

That’s me, and maybe you too! Have a listen. You can subscribe for free at

You can also become a member of the Fizzle community which I have recently done after more than a year of listening. And they offer a “Try for 5” special five week free trial if you are referred by a member (that’s me :-)) so you can see what it’s all about. You can sign up here They have a step-by-step roadmap for people looking to build an independent business with lots of informative just-in-time courses that you can easily put into practice, weekly live coaching sessions, and a community forum where you can meet other like-minded entrepreneurs.

I recently connected with a fellow entrepreneur from Thunder Bay, Ontario, my hometown, who is starting up an Investment Property Advisor business. She will be launching her website next month at And her mother has an online children’s wear business called Scoot Suit which is a one-piece, easy to put on snowsuit born out of her hands-on experience as a daycare provider.

The next podcast I regularly listen to is Courage and Clarity which is a spinoff of The Fizzle Show with Steph Crowder as the host. It is geared to, but not limited to, creative entrepreneurial women. She describes it as:

The Courage and Clarity Podcast

“This show is all about helping you find the courage and clarity to go after what you love”.

It’s divided into two parts every week: The Courage episode which focuses on finding your vision; and the Clarity episode which is the process of making your vision a reality. She does this by interviewing female entrepreneurs. I find this one both relatable and inspiring.

The next couple of shows on my list are more on the life coaching, personal development side.

The Lively Show is hosted by Jess Lively. I started listening to this one around the same time as the Fizzle Show. I'm pretty sure the Fizzle Show led me to the Lively show. I know it’s one of Steph Crowder’s favourite podcasts. 

The Lively Show Podcast

Jess’ tag line is “Add a little extra intention to your everyday”.

If you go back to the very beginning, she started out interviewing all types of interesting people under different genres such as simplifying, wellness, relationships, design to name just a few. Many of her episodes cross over into several categories.

Then somewhere in late 2015/early 2016 I believe, she separated from her husband, sold her house and all her belongings, and is now travelling the world living out of a suitcase and running her online business on the road. Her podcasts have taken a different path and are more into, as she describes it, the “woowoo”. It’s more on the Abraham Hicks’ Law of Attraction (if you are familiar with that and the Secret), quantum mechanics, and the subconscious and spirituality side of things. If you’re not into that, I would go back to her earlier episodes which is where I got hooked. I have to say the new stuff is interesting and intriguing but you have to keep an open mind. And as Jess always says, take away what you like and leave the rest if it’s not your thing.

It was Jess Lively that led me to this next podcast The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo. As you can see, there is a pattern here.

Brooke has done three interviews on the Lively Show and they are all terrific. Here are the links in chronological order to make it easy for you to check out:


       The Life Coach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo

      After listening to Brooke on the Lively Show, I decided to check out her Life Coach School podcast and I love it. Although she is up to Episode #174 at the time of this article, I have gone back to the very first episodes and am listening to them one by one. They are chock-full of wisdom and advice on living the best you can be. Each episode is a lesson which you can easily put into practice. When she speaks, it’s as though you are sitting in a comfy little nook with her and she is speaking with you one on one. I really do recommend this one if you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, anxious or any of the other emotions that can make life feel out of control.

      Okay, I just learnt about another podcast on the Fizzle show called Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert of "Eat, Pray, Love" fame. I have been doing a deep dive into this one, devouring up episode after episode. Now, I have to squeeze it into my regular podcast schedule.

      Majic Lessons Podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert

      After writing her latest book called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear in 2015, Liz found she wasn’t done with the topic yet. She says, "Magic lessons are road maps for the path to creativity; the extra nudge we need when we're feeling stuck in our creative lives".

      Liz has real conversations with real people who are stuck creatively. She calls them up and coaches them live on her podcast. And she gets a friend to also weigh in with advice. And being Liz Gilbert, her friends are famous writers, musicians, comedians and other creative types like Cheryl Strayed, Michael Ian Black, Glennon Doyle Melton to name drop just a few.

      There are so many other great podcasts out there in every genre or interest you can imagine. Please check them out and find the ones you love.

      Here are a few tips to get started if you are not already listening:

      On your iPhone, go to the Podcasts app and search for the title of shows or by category. You can listen to an episode or two first to see if you like it before subscribing. If you subscribe, you will automatically receive new episodes as they become available. You can also subscribe to shows on iTunes.

      Remember to download the episodes before you listen, when not on wifi, so you don’t eat up a lot of data. I found this out the hard way when my husband started complaining about me exceeding our data plan, along with my daughter watching YouTube videos! It’s like watching your favourite shows on Netflix. You can binge-listen at your convenience any time of day or night.

      Oh and just the other day, I heard about another podcast called Ice Talk which is all about figure skating. Since my daughter is a figure skater and I dabble in it too, we will be checking this one out. Oh, oh...another one to add to the list. I need a couple more podcast hours in the day!

      Happy listening!

      Colleen Kanna is a breast cancer champion, entrepreneur, wife, figure skating mom & figure skater, blogger, avid podcast listener, and creator of coKANna Designs, a line of bamboo knit, Canadian-made women's clothing.



      • Colleen

        Marilyn, so great you are listening to podcasts on your commute. It does make the drive more enjoyable and pass by quickly.

      • Marilyn Cook

        Your newsletter was great as I too have grown an interest in podcasts thanks to you. I will definitely check out those other podcast suggestions. Like you I listen to them as I commute temporarily from Peterborough to Whitby for my job. It makes the drive much more enjoyable.

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