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Meet Our Models: Heidi Bauer

Meet Our Models: Heidi Bauer, Breast Cancer Survivor
I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in 2012 when I was 38 years old with an 18 month old son at home. My family doctor told me not to google. She asked me to promise I would not read too much about it. I immediately went home and educated myself about the bleak picture that was in front of me.
Meet Our Models: Heidi Bauer, Breast Cancer Survivor
The costs that treatment took on my body were real. I suffered as many do through 8 rounds of chemotherapy, a radical mastectomy and 25 trips to radiation. I have survived. I have spent these past years pushing myself to not only survive but thrive!

I remain actively in touch with my cancer sisters and am always available to talk with those newly diagnosed. I feel grateful to be able to offer a positive vision of what is possible after a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis.

To learn more about Heidi's journey, please follow her Healing Heidi Facebook page:

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