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CRW Design

One of the core values behind coKANna Designs is Canadian-made. We strive to foster, support, and collaborate with other Canadian small businesses.

We are proud to have CRW Design, a Canadian Apparel Production House in Scarborough, Ontario, manufacture our clothing line. CRW is owned by two women entrepreneurs, Nikki Francies and Sherri Carlson. They service a niche market of fashion designers/entrepreneurs, who require full end-to-end production support from pattern making to sewing and finishing, from labels and hang tags to packaging, but aren't big enough to go to traditional manufacturing companies with huge minimum order requirements.

Nikki & Sherri of CRW Design

Sherri and Nikki

When Colleen first visited the production house back in the spring of 2015, she knew this was the right collaboration. Nikki's mother is a breast cancer survivor, and Nikki's pet dog, Ruby, is often lying quietly in her kennel at the office. In fact, CRW is named after Cyka, Ruby and Winston, their beloved dogs. 



Since that time, it has been a learning experience on both sides. CRW figuring out how to make the customized design details of Colleen's garments work for coKANna's specialized target market, and Colleen learning a great deal from Nikki and Sherri about the manufacturing process, fabric, and finishing. They continue to be encouraging and supportive of Colleen's endeavours.

Please check out CRW's production process:


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