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The Maxine

Maxine is the inspiration for our latest design - the reversible pull-on tank top. What drew us to Maxine is her comfort and ease with her body. She is content in her own skin. Despite having had a bilateral mastectomy, Maxine doesn’t feel the need to have reconstruction surgery. And, she doesn’t feel the need to wear prosthetic breasts either. We think that is wonderful. In this world of impossible beauty ideals, it is uplifting and encouraging for all of us. We think you’ll agree that Maxine looks fabuous!

Maxine wearing the Maxine top

The Maxine is the perfect sleeveless top to wear under the Maddison or on its own. It has several unique features:

Reversible. With a V-neck on one side and a boat neck on the other, it can be worn front to back or back to front making it two tops in one. 
Easy on. The Maxine is designed to be stepped into and pulled up so you don’t have to lift your arms and pull it over your head. A great option for women with mobility issues.
Comfortable. It has a loose fitting shelf style underlayer for extra coverage and added comfort. 
Versatile. If you want a casual, meeting for coffee look, or a sporty going to yoga class look, wear the V in the front. If a more professional business look is your style, wear the boat neck in the front under a jacket. And for an evening out-on-the-town, wear the V in the back, dress it up with some jewellery and voilà, you're all set.

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